I told off a really good friend because of feeling abandoned and I feel not bad but I feel bad. Oh well, maybe something good will come out of this bridge burning.

someone else finally noticed that when i walk down the street white hipster dudes give me salty looks.

i was beginning to think i was nuts, but they are really intense with it.

i don’t know these dudes, wtf are they looking at me like that for?

moon cycle

i treat cosmicozma like the queen they are.

"you haven’t taken me out forever"

bam, 2 times in one week. i’m the best dude.

ok, i’ll stop j/oing on tumblr now.

moving to nyc soon.

my last day at work is the 30th. i will be relieved to not have this job anymore until i need a job then i will panic.

there is a weird smell in my nose and it aint my septum ring so idk what it is.

std tests = neg

meow im a kitty

today i woke up, ate a bomb breakfast, went back to sleep.

now i’m on tumblr, i love lazy days off.

tight pants rule (a brain dump)

the other got a patch from a friend and we cant decide to put it on our houndstooth blazer or our femme-ish jacket.

i mean i still have a sweet malcolm x patch that shannon (whats yer tumblr name now!?!?) sent me… so i guess theres lots of patches to go around.

sharing clothes with yr partner is a winning move. except for jeans, i need ball huggers but they like to breathe or whatever. gross.

my braids are heavy now and i cant decide to get more in a few weeks or just get a really fly haircut… maybe i’ll wait until my other grows out their jewfro.

is that offensive? cause i pretty much just think of it as saying they gots big hair but they aren’t black like me, just jewish.

i actually want both of us to grow out our BIG hair again so we can wear matching clothes everywhere and weird people out. life is performance art, maaaannn.

notes on today:

got 3 fillings

got a tooth extraction

was cranky

my partner wanted to do their make up and play dressup but like i said “cranky”

i got lots of tummy rubs

i ate ice cream and rootbeer for my meals

i need to empty my diva cup

i wish i was in new york already

i wonder if my insurance would cover top surgery. because this is something we’ve been discussing more for me lately.

also one of my beast friends bought me a book, and the other actually was online for quick chatting. 

wake up, thought flow

"if they can deal with me being terrible and an asshole then i know i’ve got a friend" - seven

i dont cry too much in this one

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