I don’t know what most white people in this country feel but I can only include what they feel from the state of their institutions. James Baldwin on The Dick Cavett Show [X]

—giving the system a fiercely bloody read..

Which I have never seen!!!

And this is why we will never trust you.

The burden of proof is on White America.

James Baldwin speakin all the truth.

And White America STILL ain’t lived up to this so called ‘ideal’ that folks love to tout…

Talmbout ‘we all human’

Well lookin at statistics, you been treatin fellow humans POORLY.

Holy fuck all this truth. Look at it. Look at all this truth.

This is. This is all there is.

Nothing I’ve ever said or will ever say will ever sum it up better than this.

If you want America to be post-racial, you fucking prove it. Eliminate the ghetto. Eliminate educational disparities.

You fix everything that is wrong this country and then we can talk.


No more white washing

ALL the color blind casting for roles.

Fix the economic disparities

No more gentrification

No more stop and frisk

No more predatory loaning.

No more telling POC that what we face is insignificant.

Once that shit is fixed THEN MAYBE we can talk about trustin y’all.

(via strangeasanjles)

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