Protest Sharon Needles’ Racist Actions - Wednesday (6/27) @ Jungle Club Atlanta

Sharon Needles has some shit she needs to work on. For receipts, see grrylman’s post here.

And lucky for us, she’ll be at the Jungle Club in Atlanta, Georgia this Wednesday (6/27). Let’s all get together for a lovely time of protest and dissent over the ridiculous racist behavior of Sharon Needles.

Our plan is to assemble outside of the Jungle with signs, badges, and other militant items of fabulousness.

We will then join the line and move through informing people of Sharon’s racist statements and actions. Keep it peaceful, keep it simple, keep it classy.

Some of the attendees are going to be very angry with us. We have to know this before going. This demonstration is not violent, and we are asking that all demonstrators please refrain from engaging with anyone who wants to argue. We’re only demonstrating to speak the truth.

In other words: if someone tries to throw shade your way you just do you gurl.

When we’re done, we’ll move over to The Heretic for .25 cent beer night. Protest will start promptly at 9:00pm and go until 10:00pm.

Invite your friends!

For an invite to the Facebook event, send an ask to grrlyman or glitterlion. Be sure to include your facebook info.

This post is posted on Wednesday 27 June 2012.
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