Right so


its ok to dress up as/portray African women (at least from the west) as naked females with random white dots on their faces posing in a field with a lion/giant picture of Africa somewhere in the background with some awkward  phrase like ‘Mother Africa/African Queen’ or whatever the fuck. or portray West African men as violent idiotic strong savages. to ‘get back in touch’ with Africa. 

but its not ok to dress up/portray African Americans as gold-teeth & gold chainz wearing, pants falling off their bums, little/no clothes on, gangsta signs, ‘hoes/gangsta’ with some awkward phrase ‘da hood’, as a way to ‘show solidarity with African Americans’

well no,  neither of that shit is cool, its pathetic and I side eye to fuck anyone who does this.  especially side-eye anyone who portrays African people like the above. 

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This post is posted on Tuesday 22 May 2012.
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